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Jiggle Be Gone

That Weigh In Thing.

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Jiggle Be Gone!

That Weigh In Thing.

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I started at 180lbs.
Down to 150lbs.

I'll do the snoopy dance later.
I can't be binded by routine and shittt.
Therefore I'm on a wing-it diet.
I'll go vegan once I get down to 130 and when I'm no londer aneamic.
Or actually, even if I am. I might just be like "Fuck it" and do it anyway.
I'm a sucker for le fuzzies- and all animals.
Always have been.
Therefore, veg.
Maybe it'll be a year from now, maybe it'll be in two months. Who knows. Cause I don't.

Should I start exersizing?
My laziness tells me no.
Lmao. I think my laziness rules of all...
It typically does.

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