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Jiggle Be Gone!


August 21st, 2006

I felt cavemanish, what can I say?
So... what has the overly sarcastic one ate?


A fruit bar
Tomato and Basil veggie burger
another fruit bar
two peices of garlic bread (I want more)
lots of soda
a red cup of firey habenaro doritos
chicken breast filled with broccoli and cheese
yet another fruit bar
another red cup filled with firey habenaro doritos
a cup of shaved ice

...you think I'm done?
BAHA. I'm hungry.

my Day

so for breakfast I ate
1 cup blueberries-80
1 cup fat free no sugar added yogurt-90
1 cup orange juice-110

then had:
2 cups of strawberries and-86
1 clementine-30

Then had:
1 cup mashed sweet potato-180
2 tbsp healthy attitude margerine-70
1 beef and spinach burger (switched to veggie now)-210
2 tbsp ketchup-60


High pro-zone shake-347

6 mini pitas-60
1 tbsp melted margerine-35

1 cup ice cream-280

total cals: 1573
Daily amount: 1790 allowed

Exercise still planed:
40 minutes pilates dvd

What foods I resisted today:
bacon cheeseburger (mom brought home)
praline chocolate bar (270 cals! ahh)
chocolate milk
I started at 180lbs.
Down to 150lbs.

I'll do the snoopy dance later.
I can't be binded by routine and shittt.
Therefore I'm on a wing-it diet.
I'll go vegan once I get down to 130 and when I'm no londer aneamic.
Or actually, even if I am. I might just be like "Fuck it" and do it anyway.
I'm a sucker for le fuzzies- and all animals.
Always have been.
Therefore, veg.
Maybe it'll be a year from now, maybe it'll be in two months. Who knows. Cause I don't.

Should I start exersizing?
My laziness tells me no.
Lmao. I think my laziness rules of all...
It typically does.

Starting weight: 230
Last Week's Weight: 207
Current Weight: 199
Loss: -8
Short-Term Goal Weight: 195
Long-Term Goal Weight: 125
Height: 5'5 1/2" OR 5'8"...depending on which measuring tape is right.

8LBS is a lot of weight for a week, but I think that's because I've been going up and down between 205-207 for a while, and I just recently renewed motivation and went back to strictly sticking to healthy eating and exercise.

I've been making plans on sparkpeople, then printing them off and checking off the foods as I eat them, giving myself stickers for every meal completed instead of switching it up for a same-calorie, but unhealthy substitute. I'm a plan person, so this is working really well for me, I started it last Tuesday I think. :-D
1 cup fat free, no sugar added yogurt-90
1 cup blueberries-81
1 cup orange juice-110

High Pro-Zone Jugo Juice-347

Beef and Spinach burger-210
1 cup sweet potato-180
2 tbsp margerine-70
1/2 cup Edamame-100

2 clementines-60
1 kiwi-46
2 cups strawberries-86
1 cup cantaloupe-56
1 1/4 cup fiber 1-210
1 cup 1% milk-110
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